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Beauty Care

Prince Pharma’s “2 Much Breast Cream” helps with Breast Enlargement and Tightening. The key features are: Enhances muscle strength in the breasts Helpful in the natural growth of breasts Makes the breasts firm and uplifted...

Rs. 525.00Rs. 320.00

Beauty Care

2 Much Hair Oil is a blend of ancient Indian herbs, which are used from centuries to provide strength and vitality to hairs to enable them to grow properly. It is a herbal formulation with zero...

Rs. 249.00Rs. 180.00

Beauty Care

Kasak capsules, manufactured by Pripha, are an effective ayurvedic formulation to build strength and power with regular consumption. The striking features are: A perfect blend of immunity booster herbs and minerals Possess neuroprotective effect Enhances...

Rs. 825.00Rs. 520.00

Beauty Care

Prevents Anemia: Using this tonic can help provide iron and successfully treat iron deficiency commonly found in women. Relieves Weakness: The goodness of Ayurveda is the most effective way to overcome weakness or difficulties during...

Rs. 450.00Rs. 260.00

Beauty Care

Improves skin elasticity: Get soft and nourished skin with regular use of the herbal cream Safe skincare product: No added harmful synthetic chemicals or toxic ingredients for better protection from skin problems Anti-wrinkle property: Anti-wrinkle cream...

Rs. 600.00Rs. 334.00

Beauty Care

Musli Konch Capsules | Best Ayurvedic Herbal Product for Healthy Stomach

Rs. 720.00Rs. 345.00

Beauty Care

Treats Urticaria: Prepared from Ayurvedic herbs, the syrup has effective medicinal properties to prevent and treat urticaria. Prevents Pimples and Acne: The ayurvedic tonic can effectively reduce pimples and acne, resulting in clear and radiant...

Rs. 285.00Rs. 170.00
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